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Ethereum QR Coin


Laser Engrave Your Public Ethereum Address!

Laser engraved crypto coins

QR coins are the ultimate gift or collector’s item for crypto enthusiasts. Customize the QR to scan however you would like! Have it output your favorite website or a secret message up to 256 characters. Have it link to a cloud document or even have it display your Bitcoin public address when scanned! Because we engrave static QR codes (cannot be overwritten) your coin is a one of one.

Exceptional Build Quality

Each coin is constructed using a high-density iron, giving the coin its signature weight. We then finish the coin with a thin copper layer so we can apply a custom PVD treatment to give the coin a nice and shiny finish.

Perfect the process

Our unique die casting process gives us the ability to create highly detailed and intricate designs. We spent over a year testing different materials combinations and processes to create the highest quality crypto coins on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

A public key allows you to receive cryptocurrency. As it suggests from it's name, the public key is safe to be shared and is how someone can send you crypto.

You are sharing your public key (wallet address) which serves as the key to receive funds. The private key is to never be shared to anyone as this is used to access your wallet.

Cryptochips will work with all crypto wallets!

The entire process is finished and shipped within 2 business days.